WAC to Kirkland Challenge

WAC to Kirkland Challenge

Members from Washington Yacht Club (WYC) sail from Washington Activity Center (WAC) docks to Kirkland in the least amount of time possible. The route is 4.0 nautical miles (0.9 nm to Webster Point, 3.1 from Webster Point to Kirkland) with a course heading of 60 degrees from Webster Point to Kirkland.

Why the Challenge?

As members of the WYC we believe that our Lake Washington deserves a notable maritime challenge linking the main intellectual and cultural center of the pacific Northwest – the University of Washington – with the sprawling urban center of downtown Kirkland. This challenge is intended exclusively for WYC members to give them some direction in their endless quest to sail fast.



Start between the red and green channel markers just off the WAC outer dock.

Finish at the 8 mph buoy (white pin with orange rings) just north of the public docks at Kirkland*

Please time yourself with a waterproof stopwatch

Exclusively for WYC members. Do it anytime you want on any WYC boat.

  1. If you want you can go the other way too (Kirkland to Washington Activity Center dock)
  2. Compliance with WYC By-Laws required. If you don’t have a skipper rating, get a chief to come along.



Current WYC Records

To be added to this WYC records list, please email sailing@uw.edu and provide proof of completion (stopwatch time, testimonial from participants/chiefs).

15:10WhalerRoy Ward
19:48Hobie 21Ellis Johnson / Alexia Fischer02-24-09
21:07SX18Julia Ruthford / Paul Shipley
21:16Hobie 20Chris Freye / Cory Smith06-01-14
24:30Hobie 16Steve Leidel / Matt Probert
25:065o5Paul Shipley / Rainer Leuschke
26:43LaserRainer Leuschke
28:05BravoKregg Philpott
33:00J22Nate Verge / Chris Freye / Egor Klevac / James Whitehead01-12-14
35:00470Tom Schaefer / Hassan Arbab
37:17RS VisionThomas Nguyen / Andreas Freund09-16-18
37:27Laser IIHawkeye King / Laszlo Techy
38:00E-ScowZuzana Culkaova / Stephen Hills / Nate Verge / Chris Freye05-20-16
42:38Cal20Adrian Johnson / Paul & Theresa Adriance07-13-08
44:22LightningMichael Welty / Nate Verge /
39:58Keelboat (Charlotte)Nick Waldo / Dylan Reynolds / Joel Eklof / Shelby Ahrendt / Sam Fung / Becca Ebert01-19-19
45:20Pearson EnsignCaglar Akcay / Kate Bogh07-06-08
47:23FJAndrew Berg / Stephanie Stout
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