WYC Feedback Form

This form is anonymous, so please feel free to share your thoughts openly. Feel free to skip any question if you prefer not to share that information. You can choose to provide or withhold this feedback at any time. We appreciate your openness and value your privacy. Your responses will only help WYC get better in serving the interests of its members!

Thank you for your participation and taking the time to provide feedback to the Washington Yacht Club! Your input is valuable and will help us enhance our sailing instructions and social events.

If you would like to connect further regarding your feedback or about sailing broadly, please reach out to us on: DiscordInstagram or at our email (sailing@uw.edu).

Examples: FJ Novice Class - November 4th/5th, Laser Class - May 23rd, Ithaka on the Sound - December 2nd/3rd, Shakespeare in the Park on Mercer Island
Examples: Supervised Sailing, Friday Night Social Sail, Catamaran Classes, Watching Shakespeare at Mercer Island.
Examples could include instances of rude behavior, requests to perform actions you weren't comfortable with, or anything that made you feel discouraged, unwelcome or unsafe.
Selected Value: 1
Where 1 represents Very Unlikely and 5 represents Very Likely
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