Kirkland J/22 Tuesday Racing Series​

Kirkland J/22 Tuesday Racing Series

The Kirkland J/22 Racing Series is a weekly, Tuesday night racing series that runs from May through the end of September. These races are open to all J/22 sailboats (Freedom is WYC’s J/22 sailboat), and take place in North Lake Washington.

Event Information

  • Kirkland J/22 Racing Series happen every Tuesday night from May through September.
  • The racing area is north of Evergreen Point (near the 520 bridge) and south of Juanita Point.
  • Monitor VHF CH69 
  • Schedule:
      • ~1 week before the Kirkland J’22 race — Coordinate and sign up a racing team (3-4 people)
      • — Day of Race —
          • 5pm —  Meet at WAC to prepare and load boat.
          • 6:30pm — 1st J/22 races begin.
          • Sunset  J/22 races end, return to WAC, and de-rig boat.

Evergreen Point (South)

Juanita Point (North)

Additional Information

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